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More for the Kids...

• It is important for children aged 6 months to 16 years to drink water that is optimally fluoridated drinking water (well water and bottled or spring water do not have any fluoride). Most communities have fluoridated tap water, but if it is not available the dentist can recommend a dietary fluoride supplement dosage.

• Dental sealants are an excellent way to prevent tooth decay in children. The dental sealant procedure takes only minutes, is painless, is less than half the cost of a filling and is virtually 100 percent effective at stopping decay.

• Grapefruits aren’t just for breakfast anymore. According to researchers at Pace University, grapefruit extract in toothpaste can help kill oral viruses. The researchers also noted that adding aloe, zinc and grapefruit extract to mouthwashes and toothpaste kills viruses in the oral cavity and thus eliminates their passage into the body.

• Have you ever wished that your dentist would turn up the music while he/she is drilling your tooth? The American Dental Association recommends that patients listen to music in the dentist’s office as a form of distraction. A combination of music and an anesthetic during dental procedures can reduce the patient’s blood pressure and pulse rate more than an anesthetic alone. It has also been noted that patients who listen to music at the dentist office tend to have lower levels of stress-related hormones. Many dentists are aware of this anxiety-reliever and provide their patients with headphones.

• The term "indentured servant" has a story behind it. In the colonial days, debtors were shipped from Europe to America to work as servants. Instead of signing a contract, they sealed their agreement by leaving their dental imprint in wax.


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